Nineteen89 by Divya Bagri

Nineteen89 is a fun and easy peasy lemon squeezy womenswear line. Divya Bagri, the designer of this effortless clothing has a store in Haus Khas, Delhi and supplies to stores like Ogaan, Ensemble, Gyans, Almari, Amara and other stores across the country. 

She is originally from Kolkata where she has worked with Anamika Khanna for quite sometime and has now launched her own pret line.

Divya's basic philosophy is "unmatched is the new cool". 

You will see a mix and match in her outfits, like saree with tops, basically a modern and traditional juke-box.  

Her clothing line can  make your everyday dressing snazzy and effortlessly stylish. 

Designed with a balance of traditional techniques & patterns along with innovative western silhouettes. 

There is an emphasis on detail as well as high quality fabrics in every garment. 

You can create your own classy and elegant look to dress fashionably different, from her line. 

She customises as well, so you can now have your favourite stole teamed up with your favourite tunic. 

One of her super point's is her visualisation of what would suit you. Her simple yet stylish garments focus on customer satisfaction.

You can spot their collection at exhibitions like Jalsa, Jalsa pop, Runway Rising , Yellow Blossom , Wear is- the White Shirt Fair, Chapter One, The Vintage Garden , S&S Trunk Show.

About nineteen89:

Price Range : INR 4000- 18000, Sarees go upto INR 24000

Offline : Gyans,Ogaan and Ensemble (New Delhi), Almari and Ogaan ( Hyderabad), Amara and Ensemble ( Mumbai), Vachi ( Kolkata), Monsoon ( Ahmedabad )

Online :



Instagram: nineteen89official

Contact no: +919831255504